About our annual subscription

The annual subscription is used towards cost of events including the annual festival,  and to bring in numerous top class artists from India and other places every year. The board of IFAASD is and has always been committed to using our sparse financial resources prudently so that we can continually offer our subscribers and patrons the best cultural experience. 

The academy annual subscription is for the entire family (spouse or significant other, and up to two dependents). Dependents are those living with the family throughout the year and does not include or cover visiting parents, grandparents and other relatives. The annual subscription fees are subject to review and change by the board of trustees at the beginning of each calendar year.For 2022, the board has decided to keep the pricing for the various subscriptions the same as 2020.

Note: Subscription cards will be distributed by our volunteers at the venue when you attend our next event. They cannot be mailed or electronically distributed at this time.

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Spouse and/or significant other


Senior Citizen Couple

Each must be over 65 years of age


Senior Citizen Single

Must be over 65 years of age






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